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Being "Father's Day Eve", I think it's fitting that I (Mark...Dad's eldest of 4 awesome "Bros"!) hijack Dad's website and share with all of you, and him, a few really great memories of and stories about my dad.  I'll leave out the parts where he told me repeatedly, as a todler, that he was from Jupiter (I believed him!) or that he would make my Matchbox cars fly when he would come home from work (which being the son of an Engineer made me quite angry..."Dad!!...cars don't fly!!).  He also instructed all of his sons in the art of practical joking.  Hey, it was always fun when we were around family.  My brothers and I would always wonder what Dad was going to "pull" while they were visiting.

We all know that my dad isn't just an Electronics Engineer (God knows how many times I've been reminded of that in my lifetime) but, that he was also an on-air "D.J." in one of the coolest periods (in my opinion) of music and broadcasting history.  When I was in elementary school...sixth grade I think...he wrote me an excuse to be out of class and took me on a trip with him (just the two of us) to Cincinatti, OH to purchase the old Gates broadcast board which would become our UNMATCHED in-home audio entertainment "Disneyland".  I remember Dad, my brothers and Me getting more fun and more mileage than George Patton and the 3rd Army out of that studio!  Dad and I, still, on occasion, run accross old cassette recordings of all the "D.J.'ing" that took place in our basement.

All of that being said, I still couldn't stand to hear myself on tape...even though everyone else said my voice was amazing for a young "kid".  I remember, one day when I was 14 years old, Dad told me I should audition and apply for a position in radio as my first job.  He said to check the classifieds in our local paper (no Google back then) and, even if there were no listings, that I should apply at every radio station in town.  He told me to sit down behind the microphone and record myself reading articles in the newspaper.  I didn't curse back then but, if I'd been allowed, I'm sure I would have due to how much I hated the way my voice sounded to me.  In fact, I never was happy with the recordings but, finally, recorded a take or two and "let'em ride" for submission.  It was only a very short time later that I was hired by WQLT...the #1 100,000 watt FM station owned by Sam Phillips (Yep...the same Sam Phillips who owned Sun Records and "discovered" Elvis Presley!).  What do you know?!  Even though I had no faith in myself...Dad did...and he was RIGHT!!...WOW!!  Dad, from an early age, encouraged, coached and pushed me...helping me get to where I am today!

I could go on for a very long time...if not forever.  Rather than take over the entire Homepage of Carl's Gold, I just wanted to be sure my dad...and as much of the world as possible...knows how much I appreciate and love him!  He was and IS the GREATEST dad a son could hope to have and I credit him for a huge portion of the successes I have enjoyed.  I LOVE YOU DAD!

Love Forever,


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